Art has become a platform for me to express my emotions about avoided subject matter, like mental health. This visual representation of a distorted reality can trigger interacting perspectives, as well as potentially make individuals feel more comfortable to handle their pain and embrace healthy lifestyle choices. These paintings are part of the DePerson series focusing on a mental disorder called Depersonalization.  It is a form of dissociation leading to an individual’s “subjective state of feeling estranged, detached, or disconnected from their own being.”  People suffering from this disorder are hesitant to tell anyone, including doctors, for fear their symptoms are not believable.  There are out-of-body experiences causing the inability to control his or her own thoughts and movements. It is one of the many ways the brain can protect itself from emotional pain too difficult to embrace caused by extreme stress, depression, or panic. Since people have expressed it feeling as if they are watching themselves on screen, I incorporated television screens out-of-focus to imitate this as well as feeling disjointed. My hope for this piece is to create empathy and bring awareness to the commonality of others suffering from its many varieties.


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