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Meredith Hue

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Group Exhibit:

Meredith Hues Iris Exhibit, 2018

The original flower of Meredith College was created by one of their very own. Loleta Kenan Powell (c. 1941) created a hybrid iris with unique color called ‘Meredith Hues Iris’. It has a polarizing quality with creamy white and maroon. In honor of the alumna, the thought of creating an iris particular to the Meredith alumnae became my goal. The many unique women becoming hybrid with Meredith’s tight-knit, diligent campus creates an environment distinct from others. After leaving the safe haven, the sentiment of the environment leads to a sense of society. Although we are all unique amongst ourselves, we have this similar experience to unite us. I wanted to create a piece that acknowledges these hybrid alumnae and represents them as their own ‘Meredith Hue.’

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