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Mothers Hold the Thread

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

I have decided to dedicate a mini-series towards acknowledging the historical mother role within society. The idea of mother is multifaceted and an honorable sacrifice for humankind. Women often sacrifice their personal health and identity, while delaying goals to make sure the children have everything they need. It is a subtle form of strength in determination and will that sits quietly in the background of existence. It is this thread that's delicate, yet precisely woven that holds us together while being torn at the seams.

I understand some individuals could be thinking of their vindictive, sloth of a mother and wondering what I mean, so I am using my personal mother as an example in my upcoming paintings. I'd like to honor her because in spite of achieving a Master's Degree and beginning her marriage as my father's boss, she stayed home with my sister and me until we were in school. She has a positive attitude combined with a clever tenacity that went towards teaching us a variety of subjects to gain confidence and shield us from surprise. After going back to work, my mother then set an example of a hardworking, successful businesswoman that would later teach me a trade, while I was rebelling against society's acceptable careers. It's the main reason why I can afford to invest in being an artist today.

I'd like to use a childhood story I have fond memories of as I get older to represent an example of my mother's admirable mindset. It was one of my first end-of-year field days in elementary school set in front of an audience of everyone's parents. I was in a foot race, and yes, I tripped "eating it" bad in front of everyone. I ultimately came in last and was frustrated, so my mom's positive reaction puzzled me. My stubborn self wouldn't accept it. She countered me by pointing down to my torn jeans and bleeding knee and explained that I jumped back up without hesitation and finished. It's a pivotal lesson in such a simple, everyday moment of life. Those little stories keep me going when I am fed up and screaming at this morbid world. I hope some of you have an example of one of these steadfast heroes and can appreciate my upcoming work.

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