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REMIX @ Artspace

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

For First Friday, the "Remix" Exhibition of in-house artists at Artspace will have an extended view. You will get to see some of the pieces in combination to other works the artist has created. This show includes an extra challenge. Each artist submitted a work they no longer liked or had trouble finishing. At random, the work gets reassigned to a new artist within Artspace. This new artist now has to create a alternate idea with the work assigned.

I received Ellen Hathaway's (@ellenhathaway) abstract mixed media piece. Since it had beautiful texture and a variety of materials, I decided to challenge myself to work with materials that are outside of my comfort zone. I normally do not work with acrylics and am new to experimenting with texture. Keeping my use of figure, I explored simply with materials and composition. I allowed myself to be free from concept which is normally against everything I have been taught. - It was glorious- I highly recommend this play every few years. My critique group helped me realize that detail isn't everything. It doesn't trump expression. I am looking to take this with me into my new work.

"Hail Mary"

(reserved for sale)

Colleen Beesley (@colleenbeeart) received an old still life painting I made while I was studying at Meredith. Since I tend to hate old work, I gladly gave this up for renewal. She used the canvas, complete with staples, to create a doll on the go. I am ready to find as many canvases as she needs. It is so amazing how she transforms it into something new.

Come see more with us this First Friday 5-9pm @ Artspace


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