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Artspace Studio #216

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Epic timing, I know; but I am an official occupant of Artspace. I am sharing studio 216 with Adriana Ameigh. We are both emerging artists with contrasting styles, so our studio has a little of everything. I do figurative conceptual art and Adriana enjoys creating abstract expressive works. We are both excited to come together and learn about the industry.

I will finally get to display my dePerson series together. It is a painting series about depersonalization continued from my research component at Meredith College on mental disorders. My artwork is centered around bringing awareness to subjects normally avoided during social interaction, so I am excited to hear everyone's feedback and learn from their perspectives. In upcoming work, I will be focusing on personal subjects in an effort to be vulnerable with the public when I would not normally.

I look forward to sharing our space with you. We are settling in, and Artspace is allowing tours of up to 10 people. With notice, I may be able to get multiple artists in studio. Feel free to contact me or Artspace for socially distancing safe activity. Thanks!

Barb Cherry



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